Together with our partner we can offer you a unique investment opportunity! As a FoLEx customer you can invest in a future investment option and let this money work for you. It will be declared in advance exactly how much money is collected in total, which target return should be earned (e.g. 6%) and how long the maximum term will be. During the "invest time" you have the possibility to invest an amount of your choice, to change your investment, but also to withdraw it again. After closing the time window the investment starts to work and increases. After the given time (e.g. 6 months) you will get your money back including the achieved return. It is also possible to withdraw your investment from the pool in advance if the target performance has already been achieved before the end of the maximum term, or you profit from the compound effect and let your investment increase further for you!

Copy Trading

Our Exchange Name describes our unique Follow or Lead Feature (FoLEx = Follow or Lead Exchange).
Every trader has the opportunity to "follow" a Pro-Trader selected and tested by us.
The trader has to transfer a selected amount of Bitcoin to his Follow-Wallet. After releasing it, this amount is reseved to him.
This enables every trader to realize trades and profits for which he may not have enough time or knowledge.


FoLEx the future of trading offers you a wide variety of everyday products with our
personal touch. From Polo shirts to coffee mugs we design everything with the influence of
the crypto scene and our personal philosophy. Our Products are inexpensive and well

Only list projects with real usage

On our Exchange only coins and tokens are listed behind which also a good project stands.  In addition, we do not want to list projects in the same area multiple times on our Exchange.  The listing is free of charge for the selected coins and tokens as we want to support and promote these projects and clearly signal that our exchange is not for sale but places a high value on the quality of the projects to protect our clients.


Each customer can create up to 3 other wallets whose name and color are freely selectable.  Again, you can transfer bitcoins between the trading wallet and the sub-wallets at any time without transfer fee and time.  Furthermore, each sub-wallet can be connected via an option directly with an API interface.  Thus, the customer can e.g.  Connect a trading bot directly to such a sub-wallet.  The trading bot will then only be able to use the available bitcoin size in this wallet.