Choose your colour

It is our pleasure that everyone can trade individually on our exchange. For this reason, we deliver the exchange also in 8 different colours, between which you can change. Of course this is free of charge. So you decide how you trade!

Normal & Pro-Mode

We stand out from the crowd due to a very good overview and a very simple and intuitive user interface.
At the same time, it is our concern to also do the same for professional traders.
At the beginning, the customer is always received on our Exchange in the so-called "Normal Mode". The customer can switch to the "Pro-Mode" at his own option and thus gets a multitude of additional features without losing the features from the "Normal Mode".
Activating the "Pro-Mode" is of course free of charge and without any restrictions.

Charts Overlay

If you trade a lot, you do not want to call up a new chart every time a new trade is made.  FoLEx therefore offers the possibility to generate up to 7 charts simultaneously, in so-called tabs.  These individual tabs can be conveniently clicked to edit the different price gradients.  Furthermore, the charts can be superimposed, so you have different courses at a glance.  The chart curves are displayed in different colors to distinguish them.  We want our users to know the best possible time to switch to the different coins.

Drag & Drop

Who doesn't know the problem?
A wrongly placed order, or simply a correction of an order to adapt to the very volatile market. On every other Crypto-Exchange you have to delete an already placed order in order to place it completely again. We offer our customers a simple and intuitive "Drag&Drop" feature! The customer can place an order by simply clicking and dragging the mouse to any position on the chart.

ERC-20 Wallet

An ERC-20 wallet is required for a token to be sent with this standard and to arrive on the receiver wallet. Folex provides every user with an ERC-20 compatible wallet, so that all tokens that run via ICO's can easily be transferred to the Exchange and are available to their own portfolio.

FoLEx banking and Debitcard System

FoLEx owns an International Finance License (IFC) from the Georgian National Bank. Each user can, in addition to his account, open a bank account that can also be used as a reference / clearing account. Deposits can be made to the bank account both via SEPA payment transactions and by credit card. From the deposited credit directly crypto currencies can be bought and sold.

Voting rights for Features

We want every user to be able to decide which features and which coins will be implemented on the platform in the future. We introduce you to tools, ideas and options. At the end you decide about the realization and the remaining of these features. Your ideas and wishes are just as important to us, suggest something great and the community will vote on it.

POS can be performed directly on our exchange by manual action. The coins are made available for staking for a certain period of time that you specify and also receive their reward directly on the exchange. As long as you release the coin for staking, it cannot be traded. Coins which have been released for staking and are being returned will not been available for trading up to 24 hours, as they may still be in a validation process.