Who we are:

We are a young and enthusiastic team of thirteen cryptocurrency enthusiasts that have been working in the field for many years. We have a good understanding of digital currency trading and know the needs of our customers.
A trader must have a wide choice of assets for trading, therefore our list of trading pairs will constantly grow based on the feedback from our customers.
We are always open to collaborating with cryptocurrency owners.We are aiming for our interface to be simple and straightforward for both experienced traders and beginners. We value data protection and keeping our customer’s personal data and funds secure.
We believe that the current cryptocurrency exchanges that are shooting up everywhere like mushrooms are not creating anything new. Most of them are advertised “fast, simple, secure”. Our goal is to be different from the rest as you will find in our features tab.
FOLEX is a modern cryptocurrency exchange with huge potential

Our Team

Markus Sczeburek-Ort


The visionary and team captain behind FoLEx, Markus brings a wealth of knowledge and experience he has learned over the past year and a half while involved with cryptocurrency. His vision for FoLEx is to give the users a tool which will be easy to understand and structured in a clear and orderly way. He is very excited about the features of the exchange that you can find below.

Josua Seufert


I’m focused on making cryptocurrency investing a trustworthy and standardized process with his new exchange. I have been involved in Cryptocurrency for four years and am passionate about turning people’s opinion from a negative one to a positive one about Cryptocurrency

Eugen Goldnik


His core competencies include conducting targeted market research and testing and analyzing new products. His special ability to motivate our team and to talk to customers enables FoLEx to develop the right strategies in order to develop the optimal products for the user. His feeling for new markets led him to successfully invest in the crypto sector years ago.

David Poltorak


My many years as an SAP consultant have shown me that both companies and private individuals are sceptical about technical developments at the beginning. The crypto area is not transparent and secure enough for the general public, I want to contribute to changing this situation.

Our Features


Together with our partner make-it.pro we can offer you a unique investment opportunity! As a FoLEx customer you can invest in a future investment option and let this money work for you. It will be declared in advance exactly how much money is collected in total, which target return should be earned (e.g. 6%) and how long the maximum term will be. During the "invest time" you have the possibility to invest an amount of your choice, to change your investment, but also to withdraw it again. After closing the time window the investment starts to work and increases. After the given time (e.g. 6 months) you will get your money back including the achieved return. It is also possible to withdraw your investment from the pool in advance if the target performance has already been achieved before the end of the maximum term, or you profit from the compound effect and let your investment increase further for you!

Copy Trading

Our Exchange Name describes our unique Follow or Lead Feature (FoLEx = Follow or Lead Exchange).
Every trader has the opportunity to "follow" a Pro-Trader selected and tested by us.
The trader has to transfer a selected amount of Bitcoin to his Follow-Wallet. After releasing it, this amount is reseved to him.
This enables every trader to realize trades and profits for which he may not have enough time or knowledge.


FoLEx the future of trading offers you a wide variety of everyday products with our
personal touch. From Polo shirts to coffee mugs we design everything with the influence of
the crypto scene and our personal philosophy. Our Products are inexpensive and well

Only list projects with real usage

On our Exchange only coins and tokens are listed behind which also a good project stands.  In addition, we do not want to list projects in the same area multiple times on our Exchange.  The listing is free of charge for the selected coins and tokens as we want to support and promote these projects and clearly signal that our exchange is not for sale but places a high value on the quality of the projects to protect our clients.


Each customer can create up to 3 other wallets whose name and color are freely selectable.  Again, you can transfer bitcoins between the trading wallet and the sub-wallets at any time without transfer fee and time.  Furthermore, each sub-wallet can be connected via an option directly with an API interface.  Thus, the customer can e.g.  Connect a trading bot directly to such a sub-wallet.  The trading bot will then only be able to use the available bitcoin size in this wallet.

Choose your colour

It is our pleasure that everyone can trade individually on our exchange. For this reason, we deliver the exchange also in 8 different colours, between which you can change. Of course this is free of charge. So you decide how you trade!

Normal & Pro-Mode

We stand out from the crowd due to a very good overview and a very simple and intuitive user interface.
At the same time, it is our concern to also do the same for professional traders.
At the beginning, the customer is always received on our Exchange in the so-called "Normal Mode". The customer can switch to the "Pro-Mode" at his own option and thus gets a multitude of additional features without losing the features from the "Normal Mode".
Activating the "Pro-Mode" is of course free of charge and without any restrictions.

Charts Overlay

If you trade a lot, you do not want to call up a new chart every time a new trade is made.  FoLEx therefore offers the possibility to generate up to 7 charts simultaneously, in so-called tabs.  These individual tabs can be conveniently clicked to edit the different price gradients.  Furthermore, the charts can be superimposed, so you have different courses at a glance.  The chart curves are displayed in different colors to distinguish them.  We want our users to know the best possible time to switch to the different coins.

Drag & Drop

Who doesn't know the problem?
A wrongly placed order, or simply a correction of an order to adapt to the very volatile market. On every other Crypto-Exchange you have to delete an already placed order in order to place it completely again. We offer our customers a simple and intuitive "Drag&Drop" feature! The customer can place an order by simply clicking and dragging the mouse to any position on the chart.

ERC-20 Wallet

An ERC-20 wallet is required for a token to be sent with this standard and to arrive on the receiver wallet. Folex provides every user with an ERC-20 compatible wallet, so that all tokens that run via ICO's can easily be transferred to the Exchange and are available to their own portfolio.

FoLEx banking and Debitcard System

FoLEx owns an International Finance License (IFC) from the Georgian National Bank. Each user can, in addition to his account, open a bank account that can also be used as a reference / clearing account. Deposits can be made to the bank account both via SEPA payment transactions and by credit card. From the deposited credit directly crypto currencies can be bought and sold.

Voting rights for Features

We want every user to be able to decide which features and which coins will be implemented on the platform in the future. We introduce you to tools, ideas and options. At the end you decide about the realization and the remaining of these features. Your ideas and wishes are just as important to us, suggest something great and the community will vote on it.

Coin voting

Hello,thanks for all your votes. We are happy to announce that

Horizen (ZEN)

has won with 519 votes and will be listet on FoLEx.Stay tuned for more coin votings!


We are an all-in-one solution for Crypto and FIAT services. The development and design of the platform will be significantly influenced by the customers. Our main goal is to provide our customers with an unlimited transaction and investment portfolio.

Folex holds an International Finance License (IFC) from the Georgian National Bank. The license and all financial services will be available for us to offered. Georgia has an excellent banking infrastructure and is very open to the crypto market. Georgia is also a first-class location to guarantee our customers security and anonymity at the same time. National regulators such as BaFin or SEC are responsible for us and our customers. The issuer of the license is a state authority: The Ministry of Finance of Georgia in Tbilisi.

The features of Folex make our exchange an all in one solution for our customers which separates us from the competition.

Our exchange is checked for security leaks by two leading companies in the field. We will also do our best to provide you with a trustworthy place to trade. We will also keep our platform up to date so that you can continue to trade securely.

Every user can open a bank account in addition to his/her account, which can also be used as a reference/billing account. Deposits to the bank account can be made both via SEPA payment transactions and by credit card. Bitcoins can be bought and sold directly from the deposited credit balance.

Yes. We are regulated and licensed in Georgia. Georgia is one of the first and few countries to license and regulate cryptocurrencies and related services. With the International Finance License (IFC) of the Georgian National Bank we will be able to offer many regulated products to our customers in an unregulated market. The IFC license is issued by a state authority, namely the Georgian Ministry of Finance in Tbilisi.

NO, currently our technology does not offer a customer oriented solution for exchanges in a decentralized network. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and have decided against it for now. Our customers will have the opportunity to help decide in which direction the exchange will proceed.

We currently do not have a coin. We offer a platform for great and exciting projects. We hope our customers will draw a surplus for themselves. We do not believe that we need to have our own coin at this time.

We are first and foremost interested in our customers. In our opinion, a token or coin only has a right to exist if it brings added value and benefits. We have consciously decided against an ICO in order to focus on already existing or upcoming projects.

We take a close look at every project and like to list projects that are creative and solve issues. It is important for us to support exciting and innovative projects. Therefore, it will be free to list coins on our exchange. If you have an interesting project, you can contact us at listing@folex.io.

No but please subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for updates.

○ For the normal mode 0.3% fees are calculated on buyer and seller side.

○ For the Pro-Mode 0.5% Seller / 0.4% Buyer fees are calculated which scale down to 0.15% Seller / 0.2% Buyer depending on the trading volume.

Yes, and we are firmly convinced that this feature is absolutely necessary and will therefore do everything in our power to provide maximum stability here.

There will be no payout limit for KYC users and a maximum of 1 BTC per day for all other users. In order to guarantee the security of the customers, a withdrawal from KYC currencies is only possible if 2FA has been activated!

No That is not planned. We do not want to make the already volatile market even more volatile!

There is no fee to deposit. You will be charged the network fee to withdraw.

There will be a gradual release of the features, which will be announced early. We want to make sure that the customers are able to use the exchange and will send out a step by step guide.

To offer a customer-oriented solution, which offers a complete solution for the beginner as well as for the advanced trader. For all our customers, we want to offer a simple and clear trading platform that leaves nothing to be desired even by experienced traders at the touch of a button. In addition, we have made it our business to clean up the market and want to follow the principle strictly, only Coins/Tokens to list behind which also a strong project stands!

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